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WiserWednesday.com #004 - High Performing Hybrid Teams
August 17, 2022 • 62 MIN
Fascinating debate about hybrid working. Spoiler alert, it isn’t going away, so it’s going to take a shift in how we manage our teams, and the trust we place in our workers to get hybrid to work. Key steps include clarity, compassion, collaboration & communicate, communicate, communicate! Plus, having a growth mindset will help, and why not make coming into the office a magnet not a mandate! Our awesome panellists this episode are Alison Coward (Founder of Bracket), Cate Murden (Founder of PUSH), John Hopkins (Founder - WorkFLEX-Australia) & Danny Smith (Hybrid Consultant and Ex-Oyster HR). Host is James Potten. Enjoy!
WiserWednesday #003 - Panel Event - 'Founder Fundraising in Stagflation'
July 20, 2022 • 64 MIN
Brilliant discussion about navigating fundraising, especially in challenging financial backdrop. Key takeaways: - if you ask for advice, you’ll get money, if you ask for money, you’ll get advice!! Always build your fundraise through human outreach to connect with potential funders before opening your round. ‘When everything is rosy, it’s time to be cautious. When everyone is screaming it’s the end of the world, plant a tree!’. Our awesome panellists this episode are Jennifer Clamp (aata), Kirsty Ranger (ISQ Crowdfunding), Prateek Sanjay (Foundraisr) & Liam Ray (Virtus Energy). Host is James Potten. Enjoy!
WiserWednesday #002 - Panel Event - 'Creating a culture of Innovation'
June 15, 2022 • 63 MIN
Such knowledge shared about 'Creating a culture of Innovation'. This one you do not want to miss. It's got answers to questions you did not know you had! Our awesome panellists this episode are Sue Turner OBE, Joolz Lewis, Paul Corcoran & Simon Norris. Hosted by James Potten
WiserWednesday #001 - Panel Event - Sharing the 'Founder to CEO’ Journey
May 25, 2022 • 60 MIN
Learn about the the 'Founder to CEO journey' first hand from those that have been there and done it! Excited to have shared this event with Miranda Joseph, Jay Williams, Liam Ray & Karen Salmansohn who have been on an exponential growth journey the last few years... Hosted by James Potten